BIG Podcast

Chatting and Generating 2024’s Fintech Predictions (hopefully intelligently)



Our annual New Years rite of passage- Anne Legg and John Janclaes join John and Glen to forecast the big fintech/credit union stories of 2024- leading to a healthy blend of consensus and spirited debate. Will Gen AI continue its rocket-like ascent or become bogged down in regulation? Will instant payments take center stage?  How good were the team’s 2023 predictions…and what inside scoop did JB have on Bitcoin?   Links related to this episode:   THRIVE Strategic Services: Nymbus CUSO:  Keep us honest by checking back on our 2023 predictions:  Cathie Wood’s TED Talk on her case for “exponential economic growth”:  Glen’s article for America’s Credit Unions (a BIGCast sponsor!) on the 2023 stories that will continue to shape 2024: