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A Wizard, a Centaur and a Regulator Walk into a Conference...



In Part 2 of our Money 20/20 coverage, Glen speaks with Guppy CEO (and Money 20/20 Wizard!) Sanjib Kalita about how Unicorns have given way to the Age of Centaurs. MSUFCU’s Ami Iceman and Prizeout founder David Metz discuss an adtech solution that leaves everyone better off, and Glen recaps other key takeaways from Vegas.     Links related to this episode:   Glen’s Money 20/20 coverage at  Money 20/20’s white paper on the Age of Centaurs:  Sanjib Kalita’s startup Guppy:  Prizeout:  Reseda Group:  MSUFCU:  The CFPB’s proposed Section 1033 rule on Personal Financial Data Rights:   Details on the approved C