S4 Ep6: And the Raucous Depths Abide & The Tallest Doll in New York City



And the Raucous Depths Abide by Sam Schreiber, Read by Rish Outfield An alien empire sends a drone to monitor Earth, but things go awry and the device's CPU and backup end up at cross purposes. After centuries at the bottom of the ocean, the CPU has gone mad and is bent on destroying humanity. The backup finds a way to save the day, though there is of course pain involved. But life is pain. Anyone who says anything different is selling something. Sam Schreiber is a writer living in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats. His work can be found in such markets as Tales to Terrify, PodCastle, Escape Pod, Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, where this story first appeared. Keep up with his work at https://www.thesamschreiber.com/ or on Twitter @ahzimandias Rish Outfield is a writer, narrator, and podcast host who magically reverts to childhood every time he hears a strange sound out in the woods in the night. Maybe it was just an owl, or an elk, or a will o' the wisp, or an es