S4 Ep4: The Body Upstairs & The Five Stages of Grief



The Bodies Upstairs by Divyansha Sehgal, read by Tony Perry A person haunted by zombie-like apparitions seeks to cure his condition with a specialist who claims he can help and is taught in the ways of mending otherworldly wounds.... Divyansha Sehgal is a speculative fiction writer currently based in New Delhi, India. She is also an associate editor and actor on the Kaleidocast.nyc Tony Perry is an actor and singer-songwriter. He narrated the film Lost and Found, and the audio comic The Captain Punishment Adventure Hour. He has performed in English and Yiddish, and he’s happy to talk about all things Doctor Who. The Five Stages of Grief by Nadia Bulkin, read by Alexandra Palocz A family mourns the loss of a loved one in a world where the dead haunt their waking hours, hungry and malicious. Nadia Bulkin is the author of the short story collection She Said Destroy. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia with her Javanese father and American mother, before relocating to Lincoln, Nebraska. She has two politi