Underground Sounds Nyc

Episode 001 - Underground Sounds NYC - Dj Dark1One vs Tidy & Nukleuz - Hard Trance



Welcome to the first Episode of the NEW Underground Sounds NYC Podcast.! There was a previous USNYC podcast I used to put out some years ago, but after my hiatus from Djing, I'm starting it again... and just like before.. I'm your host Jarrett C aka Dj Dark1One.. I figured it was appropriate to start off the the first episode with one of the first live mixes I ever put out.. A little something for all you Hard Trance fans out there.. Here's something I did back somewhere around 2007, from when i used to play out under the name Dj Dark1One (Dark One)... Nothing but me.... Tidy.. And Nukleuz.... spun on vinyl.. Live & UnEdited.. The first couple of episodes of the USNYC PodCast I'm going to get everyone started with a couple of my older sets from the archives, so you can get a feel of where I started, leading up to where I am today.. and then only new stuff from here on out from me.. along with mixes and sets from my friends and other guests...   So Stay Tuned.! Follow me on SoundCloud.. Soundclou