Underground Sounds Nyc

Episode 003 - USNYC Podcast - Jarrett C aka Dj Dark1One - Dark Liquid Spirits - Progressive/Tech House



Welcome to the Third Episode of the NEW Underground Sounds NYC Podcast.! There was a previous USNYC podcast I used to put out some years ago, but after my hiatus from Djing, I'm starting it again... and just like before.. I'm your host Jarrett C aka Dj Dark1One.. I spun this some years back... Its an evil, dark progressive and tech-house mix... It was actually one of my favorite ones. This was from before everything was all digital and Djs were still spinning vinyl.. No sync buttons... or pitch bend buttons.. or bpm counters.. or even FX sometimes... Just you and 2 or 3 Technics 1200's.. When you actually left your house to go to the record store to listen to and handpick your records... and when you showed up to the venue with a record bag full of records, a hard-case for your needles and your headphones around your neck.. ;) Anything I ever recorded was always completely unedited... no mastering... and def no do-overs... So however it sounds... is exactly the way it was played. I personally think the whole