S4 Ep1: No Version Like Home & Hold-Time Violations



No Version Like Home by Liam Burke, Read by Tatiana Grey A group of activists stage an attack against an evil conglomerate. When their plan goes horribly wrong, an unexpected ally appears to guide them to safety through a string of alternate dimensions, offering a proposition that could prove the salvation or damnation of the multiverse. Liam Burke is an independent author with a passion for juxtaposing biting humor along with the sharp teeth of horror, razor code of cyberpunk, and back alley deals of urban fantasy. When not crafting worlds, he’s playing in someone else’s via tabletop, LARP, or Digital RPGs. He is a proud father, and husband, and is still confused how he got so lucky in that regard. Hold-Time Violations by John Chu, Read by Tatiana Grey Ellie is on her way to visit her mother when her sister sends her to repair the skunkworks of the universe, one of many generated by the ancient machine beneath it all. When she finds the problem she'll have to make one of the hardest choices in her life.