O GMIC é um dos eventos mais influentes para mobile e internet no mundo, com edições em Beijing, Tel Aviv, Jakarta, Bangalore, São Francisco, Tokio, Taipei e Seoul, o GMIC é onde os influenciadores de internet móvel se reúnem para aprenderem sobre as mais recentes inovações e se conectarem com os líderes da indústria local.


  • Chinese mobile internet market insight

  • Ai in vr

  • Microservices vs machine learning_reconciling transactional and analytical architectures

  • What to expect from the future of mobile and apps

  • What app to build in 2017_native hibrido or progressive web app

  • Mobile ad fraud from hazardous to dangerous

  • Keynote creating mobile memories_do they own you or do you own them

  • Going global how conquer the world

  • Gone but not forgotten

  • Data drivem mobile experience how user understeanding can help on you marketing and media strategy

  • Enganging mobile app USER how TO drive gowth though innovation

  • Fintech musings

  • Disruptive fintech trends initial coin offers ico AND decentralized autonomous organizations dao

  • Fintechs oportunidades e desafios

  • Robo advisor AND a i the future of tech IN financial industry

  • Painel ecossistema de fintech

  • How To combine art AND rational FOR an effective startup management

  • Invent NEW industries SET NEW standards what are the NEW segments vc s are looking FOR

  • Pitch top 10 startups 1

  • Pitch top 10 startups 2

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