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  • BONUS: Patreon Monthly Mail Bag podcast - September 2023

    11/09/2023 Duração: 02h01min

    As a special bonus, subscribers to the main Islanders Anxiety feed can enjoy this month's Patreon-only Monthly Mail Bag podcast. If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing at to receive more exclusive podcasts, written posts, ad-free episodes of Islanders Anxiety and Weird Islanders: The Podcast!, early access to Islanders Award Winners and more. What a collection of questions! From a sincere wondering if we're ready for this shit, to a philosophical question about Adventureland, this Mail Bag podcast has it all. We answer inquires about the Islanders current roster, the state of their organizational goaltending "depth," historical What Ifs, the NHL media landscape and why exactly are Islanders fans like this? We also ask how Leafs writers and Penguins fanboy writers can coexist at The Athletic, what the best seat to watch an an NHL game from and where the weirdest place we spotted a fellow Islanders fan. It's an answer and laughs packed show so sit back and enjoy Lear

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 255 - I’m Not Under Anyone’s Control

    21/08/2023 Duração: 47min

    Mike and Dan get together in the middle of a quiet summer to discuss an interview with former Islanders GM Garth Snow that tries (and fails) to change people's opinions about the events of July 1, 2018. With his Islanders contract done and with an eye towards getting back into an NHL front office, Snow decided to tell Islanders fans, through the New York Post's Ethan Sears, that they are wrong to boo former captain John Tavares whenever he returns to Long Island as a Maple Leaf. In Snow's eyes, the decision to not trade Tavares before he hit free agency came from owner Scott Malkin, not the player or the general manager. While that might be true, Snow's misunderstanding of why fans still hate Tavares, not to mention the out-of-left-field timing and other petty-sounding quotes, come as a disappointment to many who viewed his work with the team in a positive light. It’s the first real noteworthy Islanders thing that we've seen in months, so the guys have a lot to say. To get Islanders content all summer long Su

  • BONUS: Country Club Atmosphere - Dan Explains "Scandoval" to Mike

    06/07/2023 Duração: 01h10min

    In a special free episode of our Patreon exclusive non-hockey podcast, Mike gets a lesson from Dan on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules and the drama known as the "Scandoval." From a spin-off of a spin-off to a surprise hit to a dire, unwatchable mess, Vanderpump Rules has been a wild ride. But when star Tom Sandoval cheated on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, with her friend (and a former fiancé of a mutual friend) Raquel Leviss, it upended what everyone knew about the show and its stars, and re-contextualized everything viewers saw happen on screen. This revelation, coming a few episodes into the season, meant there were effectively two concurrent stories happening simultaneously: one that was filmed and one that was happening off camera. It made for fascinating viewing for fans but confusing times for non-fans like Mike. Dan tries to get Mike to understand all of this and the history of the show, despite his natural antipathy towards it and its cast. Some headway was made but it's safe to say that Vander

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 254 - A Pie for Every Guy

    04/07/2023 Duração: 01h49min

    In their (probable) season finale, Mike and Dan react to the Islanders' four long contract extensions from Free Agency Day and the over-the-top national grades the team received. The new contracts for Scott Mayfield, Pierre Engvall and Semyon Varlamov are mostly cheap but very long, but the new contract for Ilya Sorokin keeps the Vezina Trophy runner up on Long Island for the next decade so, frankly, who cares about the other ones? The hosts are fine with the deals but look at some rumored trades the club could make. Meanwhile, hack NHL writers everywhere will tell you that Lou Lamoriello is a war criminal and we've had it with them. Islanders fans deserve better than the coverage we get, but sadly the landscape isn't changing anytime soon. Either way, we'll still be here. Thanks for listening and enjoy the offseason. We'll be back in October. To get Islanders content all summer long Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, writt

  • BONUS: 2023 NHL Draft First Round Livestream

    30/06/2023 Duração: 03h05min

    A recording of Mike and Dan's livestream during the first round of the 2023 NHL Entry Draft. With the draft broadcast streaming in the background, the hosts talk about, joke, analyze (in our way...) and generally experience the event together in real time, chatting with guests along the way. Somehow they managed to talk for three hours about the Islanders during a broadcast in which they were barely mentioned at all. This was an experimental project and we're happy to say everyone had a great time. We'll do more livestreams via in the future. Please note that the audio is unedited so there are long gaps in the recording while we were watching the draft broadcast. To see the full video version, subscribe to our Patreon at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 34 - Kip Miller (with guest Greg Picker)

    30/06/2023 Duração: 01h06min

    Along with Islanders radio color commentator Greg Picker, Mike and Dan celebrate Kip Miller, who had three stints with the team including one spectacular but short playoff run. Miller was a Hobey Baker winner at Michigan State and is a member of a longstanding hockey family, but it took him a while to find his footing in the NHL. By the time he came to Long Island for the third time (after two short, unmemorable trips), he was the AHL’s leading scorer and immediately jolted a team that was already good but had fallen off the track. And during their brutal playoff series with the Maple Leafs, Miller was an absolute machine, scoring goals in four straight games and giving fans a dose of hope that led to devastation when the series ended. Greg talks about how crucial Miller and that series was to his Islanders connection, the instantaneous impact he had on the roster seemingly out of nowhere, and how the player’s exploits should be better remembered today (and might be had the Islanders beaten Toronto). A millio

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 253 - Worst Sweepstakes Ever

    19/06/2023 Duração: 01h17min

    Mike and Dan talk about Lou Lamoriello's press conference, trades they'd like to see, the Stanley Cup final and a potpourri of topics. After taking a quick look at the Golden Knights championship (and a cynical look at the coverage surrounding it), the hosts discuss some of the more notable quotes from the presser that touched on Josh Bailey's future, the Islanders' unrestricted free agents and how the season ended. Lamoriello was slightly less cryptic than usual but that doesn't mean we have any idea what's going to happen this offseason. They also mention the addition of former NHL exec John Collins to the front office. In the second half, they talk about how the Islanders can acquire a couple of pricy stars, what the perfect Long Island sendoff for Bailey would be, and the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, Stay tuned for info about a possible live stream we'll try to host for the first round. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, w

  • Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 33 - Shane Prince (with guest Desmond Zantua)

    16/06/2023 Duração: 01h12min

    With returning guest Desmond Zantua of the Through the Island podcast, Mike and Dan remember winger Shane Prince, who counted as a big trade deadline acquisition during a dark time and had one very memorable playoff game. An analytic darling at the time, Prince was seen as a possible steal by GM Garth Snow and a player that just needed more of an opportunity. He got it, but it didn't translate into a lot of production... until one afternoon in Tampa as the Islanders shocked the Lightning in the first game of their second round playoff series. Sadly, that would be the high point of Prince's two-plus seasons on Long Island. Desmond tells us how Prince fit into that flawed but oddly successful 2015-16 Islanders team, how Prince is like a band you were really into in high school and how the now well-traveled winger came to block him on Twitter. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. Theme son

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 252 - Once Every 10 Years

    05/06/2023 Duração: 01h25min

    Mike and Dan discuss the announcement of an Islanders-Rangers Stadium Series game at Met Life Stadium next season, and their tempered reactions to it. Although the game is a big deal for the team, its hard to shake the feeling that outdoor NHL games have "jumped the shark" and become homogenized by oversaturation and stale marketing. The remote location of Met Life Stadium plus the continued involvement of the Rangers raises more questions. They also finally laugh at their rivals' big acquisitions going bust in the playoffs. In the second half, a discussion about the Stanley Cup final leads to the third and (we hope) final installment of the Dubas Diaries, as the former Toronto GM arrives in Pittsburgh to start a new strain of fanfic from both Leafs and Penguins writers. We read some selections aloud for a treat you won't want to miss. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. Visit our frie

  • Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 32 - Ron Hextall (with guest Bill Matz)

    02/06/2023 Duração: 01h05min

    Joined by Broad Street Hockey Radio's Master of Fun & Games Bill Matz, Mike and Dan relive the short, strange and unsatisfying Islanders run of goalie and Flyers legend Ron Hextall. On paper a player Islanders fans should have loved for his fiery temper, Hextall never had a chance with them thanks to his ties to Philly and an awful start on Long Island. Hextall and the Islanders righted themselves enough to make the playoffs, but a horrendous playoff performance hastened his trip outta town and back to the Flyers, where he had a resurgence before going into management. Bill tells us what Hextall still means to the Flyers Faithful, how badly things went when he finally took over as the team's GM and how much fun it was to watch him destroy our mutual enemy - the Pittsburgh Penguins - from the inside as their GM. It's a wild ride with one of the wildest netminders of all time. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts,

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 251 - The Great Unhinging

    22/05/2023 Duração: 02h02min

    Mike and Dan discuss the status of hard-to-analyze Islanders coach Lane Lambert before wading back into the continued upheaval in Toronto. In their last episode, they neglected to bring up the news that Lambert will also most likely return to the bench next season, which is par for the course with the coach. For everything his players did right last season, there was something that simply wasn't good enough, which makes a report card difficult to fill out accurately. They also throw in some sympathy for Coyotes and a bizarre photo op that will only rankle Islanders fans. In the second half, they look at the reaction of the Maple Leafs walking away from GM Kyle Dubas and the collective insanity that seems to have taken over many of the team's observers. With help from podcast clips, they discuss how some have lost the plot while sticking up for the guy they feel was one of them, while others have legitimate doubts that seem to get minimized. It's a lot to take in, but we think you're all up for it. Subscribe t

  • Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 31 - Trevor Linden (with guest Jon Zella)

    19/05/2023 Duração: 01h20min

    Joined by Nassaumen Hockey podcast co-host Jon Zella, Mike and Dan remember when the Islanders acquired Trevor Linden, an actual NHL star, during a tumultuous time on an off the ice. Linden was just 27 at the time, a multiple time 30-goal scorer and All Star, and a longtime captain of a recent Stanley Cup finalist. He should have been the cornerstone piece for a "word salad of a team" that needed all the help it could get. But he ended up just passing through this very foggy era, and his acquisition left the Islanders "Generation Next" as more of a "Generation Left." Jon talks about his fuzzy memories of Linden as a player and about this very strange time in Islanders history; when the overmatched players, cheapskate owners and psychotic general manager made rooting for them impossible (unless you were a little kid and were just happy to be there). Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. T

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 250 - The Opposite of Growing Pains

    14/05/2023 Duração: 01h58min

    In an impromptu milestone episode, Mike and Dan discuss the possible contract extension for GM Lou Lamoriello before diving into an extensive vivisection of the now-eliminated Maple Leafs. Newsday reports that Lamoriello is expected to get a three-year extension, which is both good and disappointing for a team that's stable but needs changes. They also discuss goalie Ilya Sorokin's deserved spot as a finalist (and maybe dark horse winner) of the Vezina Trophy and pay their respects to defenseman Gerry Hart, an integral early Islander, who passed away this week. But the bulk of the show is about enjoying the end of another Leafs season and the bizarre stalker behavior exhibited by many in the Toronto hockey media. The coverage of the Leafs is a big reason why they generate so much hatred from other fanbases, and nothing brings out the feelings on both sides like their annual playoff flameout. This year's took a little longer but that just means more angst, more uncertainly for the offseason, more worries for n

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 249 - That's Not Normal

    10/05/2023 Duração: 01h40min

    While still waiting for the GM and coach to speak, Mike & Dan analyze the Islanders players' post-season pressers, and who said what in words and body language. Some players were more animated or unsettled in their answers, while others held court and made us emotional. They're all we have right now while both Lou Lamoriello and Lane Lambert take their time in making their final addresses to the press. In the second half, they shake their heads at the NHL and ESPN's handling of the draft lottery and laugh at the Rangers' post-season implosion, while Mike tells us how he ended up on an NHL video presentation with the one and only Pierre McGuire. Stay tuned to also hear about our release plans for the summer for both free and paid subscribers. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. Pre-order your Bryan Trottier-Mat Barzal "Then & Now" bobblehead from the fine folks at Foco today. These piec

  • Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 30 - Matt Donovan (with guest Keith Dallas)

    05/05/2023 Duração: 01h06min

    Joined by comic book writer and historian Keith Dallas, Mike and Dan remember Oklahoma-born defenseman Matt Donovan, who endured many high hopes and trade proposals during his short time with the Islanders. Seen as a possible replacement to talented captain Mark Streit, Donovan showed signs of stability and flashes of greatness at both the AHL and NHL levels. But his stunted development during a chaotic time in Islanders history meant he never quite got off the ground the way many hoped. But he was good enough to sit in the press box just in case for a full season and be included in a thousand fan trade proposals, none of which actually came to fruition. Keith tells us about his unique interactions with Donovan as an Islanders season ticket holder, as well as the story of how the hell he came to own a Matt Donovan jersey. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. Theme song: “Knuckles” by Bj

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 248 - So Unnecessarily Evil

    30/04/2023 Duração: 01h22min

    Mike and Dan recap the Islanders' stunning loss in overtime of Game 6 against Carolina, and the many factors that doomed them (and might continue to doom them in the future). After two periods as the better team, albeit with only one goal to show for it, the Islanders decided to not play the third period, which led to a game-tying goal and a hostile, tense UBS Arena. After a few chances early in OT, it was two bad plays by two usually reliable performers that brought the series to a close. While the loss still stings - and will for some time - there are some for whom it might be their last game in an Islanders uniform, which just adds to the layers of sadness. In the second half, they discuss how fu... er, challenged the Islanders will be to improve over the offseason, and who might and might not be around to see it. Finally, they look around the NHL at playoff series results that have made the weekend just a little bit worse than it already was. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 247 - Confused and Proud

    27/04/2023 Duração: 01h05min

    Mike and Dan recap a literally unbelievable Islanders win in Game 5 against the Hurricanes, and look ahead to Game 6 at UBA Arena. Facing elimination, the Islanders managed to stay alive in the series thanks to some timely goals, a vintage performance by Ilya Sorokin and sheer butt-clenching luck, leading to feelings of relief, excitement, happiness and befuddlement. It wasn't a perfect performance, but it was enough to get back home with a chance to extend the series to a Game 7. All it's going to take is for the Islanders to find the form they had showed in Games 2 and 3. Stay zen (but don't expect any national NHL media people to talk about this series). Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. Visit our friends: Vintage Ice Hockey for t-shirts, hoodies and jerseys with hundreds of classic hockey logos, and our Al Arbour and The Island merch which benefit dementia research. If you spen

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 246 - Halfway Between a Miracle

    24/04/2023 Duração: 01h23min

    Mike and Dan hash out the Islanders' Game 4 loss to the Hurricanes and the bizarre, inexplicable decisions made by both the players and the officials. The follow up to Game 3's proud (and historic) euphoria was a massive letdown for a fanbase that was ready to explode from the opening faceoff. The Islanders seemed ready, too... until a curious call knocked them off the rails. They never really recovered and made the same mistakes they've been making all series enroute to a critical defeat. Heading back to Raleigh for Game 5, the team that's never just "due" just needs to earn the right to keep playing. Later, the hosts review some rare praise the Islanders received after Game 3, look at some series from around the NHL and shoutout a returning celebrity fan. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. Visit our friends: Vintage Ice Hockey for t-shirts, hoodies and jerseys with hundreds of cla

  • Islanders Anxiety - Episode 245 - No Rub of the Luck

    21/04/2023 Duração: 01h14min

    Mike and Dan recap Games 1 & 2 of the Islanders series against the Hurricanes and all of the insane things that went wrong for them. Despite being the better team in Game 2, the Islanders return to UBS Arena down 2-0 in the series thanks to some fluke plays, curious officiating and their own mistakes, a combination that can make fans sick to their stomachs. The Hurricanes are a Rorschach test for whoever watches them, but their habit of constant motion causes the puck to bounce their way, something the Islanders haven't experienced in a long time. The hosts also look ahead to Game 3 on The Island and what to expect from a team that once again, finds itself in a desperate situation. They close with a look at some series around the NHL and wonder again why national hockey broadcasts in the US remain unbearable. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the shows, bonus podcasts, written posts, discounts and much more. Visit our friends: Vintage Ice Hockey f

  • Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 29 - Rob Schremp (with guest Lisa aka @IslesChick)

    18/04/2023 Duração: 51min

    Mike and Dan are joined by Lisa, a longtime Islanders fan and owner of the indispensable @Islandermania on Twitter, to remember Rob Schremp, whose slick moves and potential were highlight for fans during the early rebuild period. A standout in junior, Schremp was a star who never fully became a star, but who brought excitement and entertainment with him wherever he went. After a stalled start with the Oilers, he came to Long Island via the waiver wire and immediately seemed like a steal - and a possible core piece - going forward. But injuries and perceptions limited his tenure to a short but memorable one. Lisa tells us how she first heard about Schremp, how it felt having a vaunted player like him on the Islanders, and how she and a group and friends came to "Schrempify" some jerseys in tribute to the man. Be sure to follow both the @Islandermania and @IslesChick accounts on Twitter if you aren't already. Subscribe to our Patreon! Plans start as low as $2 a month and patrons get ad-free episodes of the show

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