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  • A Chicken Stuffed in a Duck Stuffed in a Turkey Stuffed in a Hobbit


    FyH012 A Chicken Stuffed in a Duck Stuffed in a Turkey Stuffed in a Hobbit We’re a couple days late, gearing up for the turkey feast that is Thanksgiving and wandering through the conflict in the Middle East. Tagged: Gaza, King of Devil's Island, The Heavy

  • The Next Election: Lincoln vs. Bilbo


    FyH011 The Next Election: Lincoln vs. Bilbo ~75 minutes Obama won the election, Colorado and Washington legalized it, and lots of angry white men are still angry. We review the movie “Drive” and pick Dirty Projectors‘ “About to Die” as the song of the week. Tagged: Dirty Projectors, Drive, Election

  • Privatizing Politics: Proselytizing Prostitutes


    FyH010 Privatizing Politics: Proselytizing Prostitutes ~ 70 minutes MORE ELECTION COVERAGE! GET YOUR ELECTION COVERAGE RIGHT HERE! Don’t worry folks it’s almost over and the release of all that pent up politics will probably leave many people wondering how they got here, some will sob uncontrollably and others will just light up and slowly drift […]

  • Giants, Zomneys and Muppets. . . oh My!


    FyH009 Giants, Zomneys and Muppets. . . oh My! ~ 67 minutes The Giants win the whole enchilada, Elmo loves brains, and there’s still that whole thing about who we should trust to lead the free world. Let’s get into it. Music: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down “Holy Roller” Tagged: Being Elmo, Election, […]

  • October Surprise?


    FyH008 October Surprise?~ 75 minutes I don’t know if the town hall debate or watching “Argo” helped or hindered our dissection of late in the game campaigning in an election year, but one thing is certain, being “undecided” makes for good conversation. Could the Feed Your HeadCast crew split the vote three ways? Stay tuned. […]

  • Debating: The BullCrap Brawl


    FyH007 Debating: The BullCrap Brawl~72 minutes This week we get into the VP debate and further our bewilderment at the inanity of televised arguments. Perhaps those who needed to hear what they’ve been waiting to hear, got to hear what they thought had been said. Also, we talked a bit about a heart-wrenching and warming […]

  • Top 10 Reasons Not To Do a Top Ten List


    FyH006 Top Ten Reasons Not To Do a Top Ten List~69 minutes Our plan to discuss the year-end ritual of making top ten lists (why we are compelled to do so), was hijacked by our inability to wrap up previous topics and move forward with the schedule. Instead we talk about the presidential debate- our […]

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