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  • Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood


    Episode 53  Yes this is the title of an album by Mr. T Experience and here it is courtesy of Spotify the song of the show is “Don’t” by Sudden Death of Stars FyH053 – Bugs Tagged: Atlas Beetle, bugs, Disney, Jonesy's Jukebox, June Bug, Organ donors, Oscars, Sudden Death of Stars, Super Bowl, The […]

  • Fill in the Blanks


    Episode 52 This week we continue the same discussion we’ve been having for the last couple of years. . . music by The Mallard off their album Finding Meaning in Deference, the song is “Out the Door” Tagged: Oscars, Super Bowl, The Mallard

  • Jonah Hill’s Golden Globes


    Episode 51 It’s Oscar Football time of the year so we talk a lotta movies and drop a big sports turd in the middle of the show. Books, music what have you- have at you. FyH051 – Jonah Hill’s Golden Globes Tagged: Betting, Documentaries, Dune, Golden Globes, Jonah Hill, Lakers, NFL playoffs, Oscars, Pac-12, Stephen […]

  • HeadCast 5-0


    Episode 50 Did you miss us? We missed you. and to prove it we did a show. So here it is, episode number 50, its like riding a bike, or 9-11, never forget. John Grant ———-> here FyH050 – Headcast 5-0 Tagged: Box Office, Breaking Bad, John Grant, Movies, The Hobbit

  • You Sick?


    FyH049 – You Sick? This week we got the sickness, we meander around our usual topics and slowly crawl towards the finish line. topics include: Stephen King Wallace Shawn Typhoon Haiyan Gus Van Sant SNL Edward Norton song of the show “Nite Rite” by STRFKR Tagged: Edward Norton, Gus Van Sant, SNL, Stephen King, STRFKR, […]

  • Cable Bill: A Love Story


    EPISODE 48: FyH048 – Cable Bill Here we go again with yet another long delay but another show to go. This seems to be the trend and if you’re listening we appreciate it. Honestly, I’m not sure why we keep doing it, other than it gives us a good excuse to sit and talk to […]

  • Horror Movies, and How


    This week is an abbreviated show due to a late start, and after a little football talk we get into a long list of horror movies. We are still reading Lauren Beukes‘ The Shining Girls. FyH047 – Horror Movies, and How The song of the show is Strawberries 1 + 2 by Thee Oh Sees, […]

  • Fall Movie Preview, Sorta


    Our usual movie discussion goes on a bit longer than normal, even though we don’t discuss the movie we were planning on talking about- Journey to Planet X (expect that discussion next week). “Gravity” gets good reviews and “Revenge of the Nerds” is up somewhere on someone’s list of best comedies. Dan still feels like […]

  • No Really, We’re Back to Podcasting


    So last month we were geared up to hit our one year anniversary and then a month went by- just like that. Sometimes that’s just how it happens, life moves on. So here we are, back again and doing our thing. This show runs the gamut. Sports, movies, tv, books, internet piracy, suicide and much […]

  • Back to Podcasting


    FyH044 – Back to Podcasting Can’t say that the title is any indication that the FyH crew will be more consistent, but one can always dream. This week we talk a little bit about the crisis in the Middle East. Dan and Scott talk a bit about the movie “Oldboy” and we get into it […]

  • On a Summer Schedule


    FyH043 – On a Summer Schedule This show is late! very late! Sorry but things happen, we recorded this two weeks ago and I’m just getting around to putting it up now. enjoy. Tagged: Bloody Sunday, Gap Dream

  • More Summertime Shenanigans


    FyH042 – More Summertime Shenanigans This week we talk a bit about the movie Septien, we get into it about Michael Chabon’s book “Telegraph Ave” and go through the usual rigamarole. Dan picks the next book- “Wool” by Hugh Howey. Also, we will be attempting to watch “Bloody Sunday” for the next show- which probably […]

  • Who’s Your Daddy?


    FyH041 – Who’s Your Daddy? This week we do our usual back and forth about birthday bands, somewhat significant history lessons, and possible current events. We take a minute to discuss Michael Chabon’s “Telegraph Ave” (hopefully a little more discussion next week- and a new book choice). Also, the movie “Absent,” a documentary about absentee […]

  • 3 CA Boys Talk Shit About TX and FL


    FyH040 – 3 CA Boys Talk Shit About TX and FL Alongside our usual playful banter we divulge our secret-est opinions on the Zimmerman acquittal and intelligent design in the classroom (there’s an ironic oxymoron in there somewhere). We talk a bit about Michael Chabon’s book “Telegraph Avenune” hopefully more on that next week. Also, […]

  • Run Like Hell


    FyH039 – Run Like Hell After a bit of a summer break, we’re back to discussing marathons, movies and Floyd’s of the pinkish hue. Dan ran his first marathon, the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon, and regales us with his experience, insights and cramps. Some movie/TV talk evolves into bookstore reminiscences and finally we talk […]

  • Game of Summer Movies We Won’t See


    this week we talk a bit about Game of Thrones, wish some birthday wishes, and talk about summer movies. We do get into a bit of a discussion about PRISM and privacy, maybe we’ll continue that next week. song of the show: Kylesa “Exhale” off their new album Ultraviolet We’re reading “Telegraph Ave” by Michael […]

  • Who’s Next?


    So like anyone else with a tv, we are talking about Game of Thrones, also we talk a bit about the book finally and pick a new book to get started on. Telegraph Ave by Michael Chabon Song of the show: Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams” Tagged: Game of Thrones, Hall & Oates, […]

  • Is It Summer Where You Are?


    This week we’re rolling out the summer hits, blockbusters books and music- what’s your pleasure? The song this show is by a friend of ours, Pascal. His band, The Visibles just released their debut album. Check them out here: The Visibles Tagged: Star Trek, The Visibles

  • More of What We Long For


    FyH035 – More of What We Long For Sorry bout the delay, it’s May time. Song of the show: A Giant Dog “Teasin Ass Bitch” Next week’s movie: “The Game” Tagged: A Giant Dog, Game of Thrones

  • Out Like a Lamb


    FyH033 – Out Like a Lamb As April draws to a close we talk lightly about the happenings in and out of our lives. We talk about the movie Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains Next week’s movie: Enter the Void song of the show: Mudhoney’s “The Only Son of the Widow from Nain” currently […]

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