In Simply Jesus, bestselling author and leading Bible scholar N.T. Wright summarizes 200 years of modern Biblical scholarship and models how Christians can best retell the story of Jesus today. In a style similar to C.S. Lewis’s popular works, Wright breaks down the barriers that prevent Christians from fully engaging with the story of Jesus. For believers confronting the challenge of connecting with their faith today, and for readers of Timothy Keller’s The Reason for God, Wright’s Simply Jesus offers a provocative new picture of how to understand who Jesus was and how Christians should relate to him today. 


  • Chapter 001

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  • Chapter 002

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  • Chapter 003

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  • Chapter 004

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  • Chapter 005

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  • Chapter 006

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  • Chapter 007

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  • Chapter 008

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  • Chapter 009

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  • Chapter 010

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  • Chapter 011

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  • Chapter 012

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  • Chapter 013

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  • Chapter 014

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  • Chapter 015

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  • Chapter 016

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  • Chapter 017

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  • Chapter 018

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