Survival of the Sickest

  • Autor: Sharon Moalem
  • Narrador: Eric Conger
  • Editora: HarperCollins USA
  • Duração: 6:39:52


How did a deadly genetic disease help our ancestors survive the bubonic plagues of Europe? Was diabetes evolution's response to the last Ice Age? Will a visit to the tanning salon help bring down your cholesterol? Why do we age? Why are some people immune to HIV? Can your genes be turned on—or off?

Survival of the Sickest reveals the answers to these and many other questions as it unravels the amazing connections between evolution, disease, and human health today.

Joining the ranks of modern myth busters, Dr. Sharon Moalem turns our current understanding of illness on its head and challenges us to fundamentally change the way we think about our bodies, our health, and our relationship to just about every other living thing on earth, from plants and animals to insects and bacteria.

Survival of the Sickest is filled with fascinating insights and cutting-edge research, presented in a way that is both accessible and utterly absorbing. This is a book about the interconnectedness of all life on earth—and, especially, what that means for us.

Read it. You're already living it.

Read by Eric Conger


  • Chapter 021

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  • Chapter 025

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  • Chapter 028

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  • Chapter 040

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